Jessi – Exercise Physiologist

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Exercise Physiologist

I am an Exercise Physiologist. I have 3 years of experience in exercise prescription and testing. I help Bariatric Patients with all exercise prescriptions based on their needs, wants or any physical limitations, along with measurements for all pre-op and post-op patients. I joined the My Bariatric Solutions team in May of 2016. I became interested in Bariatrics after seeing the transformations (physically and lifestyle) that our patients accomplish. My favorite part of being here at My Bariatric Solutions is getting to be a part of the journey that our patients go through. This can range from showing people inches lost to helping them reach their exercise goals that were not even a reality before the surgery. To see the way people change mentally, physically, and emotionally is amazing and is good to know that I had a small role in it. It makes the job worth it to see people change their lives for the better.

When I am not working at My Bariatric Solutions I am a part time Personal Trainer at Fit N Wise with specifics in Bariatric clients and Sport Performance. I also play rec. league sports such as softball and basketball. But my favorite off the clock hobby is drawing I specialize in pencil sketching. I am originally from western Oklahoma. I grew up on a ranch and in church and learned the importance of my Faith from a very Young age. I guess you could say the 3 top words I would use to describe myself are Faith, Health and MusicArt. Without these three things I would not be who I am today. That being said the things I love most in my life are God, my family and my job. I have been in this field for 3 years and I have loved every moment of it. Seeing people become healthier, to overcome obstacles and to do things that they never thought possible make this the best job in the world.