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Working on that New Year’s Resolution list? states that only 8 percent of people actually keep their resolutions.  Throw away the resolution list and instead look to 2015 as the year for opportunity.

The definition of an opportunity is a favorable situation for a positive outcome.
The Number 1 “Resolution” is consistently “ Lose Weight.”  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that more than one-third (34.9 percent or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. Break the resolution cycle and take advantage of the opportunities in front of YOU.
The advertising is out there; the number of programs to choose from, numerous.  How do you know where to go?  What program will give you peace of mind?  What program will provide you with the opportunity you need for that favorable outcome?  Is there one procedure better for you over another?  Who do I trust?

The answers to those questions and the opportunity are here.
By teaming with My Bariatric Solutions, you can throw away the list of broken resolutions and make 2015 the year of opportunity.

As one of the leading facilities for bariatric surgery in Dallas, Fort Worth and the state of Texas, My Bariatric Solutions designs weight loss programs and procedures to help our patients reach their goals and change lives.

Boasting a roster of the top bariatric surgeons in the Dallas Metroplex, My Bariatric Solutions has clinic locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Decatur to help meet the bariatric needs for area patients. Our locations also are convenient for, bariatric patients in nearby Waco and Abilene.

Our bariatric doctors excel in weight-loss surgeries and provide the residents of Texas bariatric weight loss surgery options, including Lap-Band®, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery in Dallas.
Check out how My Bariatric Solutions helped transform the lives of these fellow Texas residents.

Wise Yancy
On my 30th birthday I decided to give myself a fresh start! High blood pressure and heart disease run on both sides of my family. I didn’t want to go down that path. I made an appointment. 
With my weight loss I feel great! My Bariatric Solutions has an awesome staff and the support is fantastic. The people there really
make a difference. They check on you, are always helpful and answer questions.
Yancy – 135 lbs lost and counting.

Wise Don
Finally, I made the decision that this constant loss/gain was dangerous to my health, and I needed a more permanent solution.  I was driving one day and saw a billboard for My Bariatric Solutions and decided that it was time that I did something that would not only help me to lose the weight, but also keep it off.  I needed a lifestyle change, and after so many failed attempts, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.  Originally planning for the LapBand, we discussed the procedure and it was recommended that for my history and eating habits that I go with the Gastric Sleeve.  I’m down 131 pounds, and am maintaining a healthy BMI of 24.3 with a body fat of less than 20%!  Most importantly, I have changed my eating habits and when I get the urge to binge, my new stomach prevents it, therefore keeping me healthy!  I love the new me, and I have no regrets, except that I should have done it sooner!
Don 131 lbs lost and counting.

Wise Amy
I was a human yo-yo! My hair was falling out, my blood pressure was out of control, something had to change. I visited with several other doctors about several options as far as weight loss surgery. I just didn’t feel right about any of the other surgeons I had met and then I met the right one. I immediately felt comfortable with him. I knew he was MY surgeon. We discussed my options and decided on the gastric sleeve. I never even had a doubt or a second thought after meeting him. The rest is history! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the entire staff! They are amazing! I visit the Decatur location so I know them best. The lady at the front desk is the nicest lady you could ever meet, she makes a great first impression for all visitors. The RN Misty is wonderful, always has a quick response to anything or any question I have had. I have met with the nutritionist one time and we thoroughly went through my meal plan to make sure I was still on track. Shane, the exercise specialist is wonderful too. He has had me on an exercise plan for a few months now and he checks on me regularly so he knows how to change my program up for me to go forward. Every time I post progress pictures on my facebook page I always get tons of private messages about my surgery. I LOVE being able to tell others about the progress I have made. It feels amazing being able to help others on there weight loss journey.
Amy 100 lbs lost and counting.

Break the cycle, take the opportunities YOU have and make 2015 YOUR year for SUCCESS!!!

My Bariatric Solutions