Carbs and Understanding Them

Carbs (carbohydrates) are somewhat confusing, no? High protein diets seem to be the big trend regardless if you are doing weight watchers, Atkins, or Ideal Protein. To be successful with weight loss surgery long term, whether you've had lap band, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery, you must adopt a high protein, low carbohydrate diet for lifetime. But why are carbohydrates bad? Bread - No Carbs Carbohydrates perform numerous roles in living organisms. Carbs store energy and stimulate the secretion of the hormone insulin. Insulin, among other things, works to store fat in our cells. High levels of insul[...]

Financing Your Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

American HealthCareLendingButtonOften, the biggest question when considering bariatric surgery is does my insurance cover weight loss surgery? Bariatric procedures are considered medically necessary and lifesaving, which will often be covered. Insurance companies are recognizing the importance of weight loss procedures like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and lap band surgery. They are discovering the benefits such as lower medical costs, less physician visits, and overall better health so patients can enjoy a higher quality of life. If your insurance provider indicates that you[...]

Truly Understanding the Food Label

Do you truly understand the food label? Think it’s just about reading the calories, fat, and protein? There is actually more to it than that!! Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Decatur, Texas…next time you’re at your local grocery store, learn how to look past the marketing schemes and evaluate the product effectively yourself. Let’s start with the serving size. The serving size is the amount of the product that is being evaluated on the food label. It is important to understand how many servings are in a product prior to eating to help prevent eating excess calories. For Example, if you sit Food Label 1do[...]