Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Exclusion: No worries!

More and more companies are choosing not to include bariatric surgery coverage in their medical insurance policies offered to employees.  If your insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, do not get discouraged. While My Bariatric Solutions does not offer in house payment plans, we do work with several medical financing companies. Many of our patients have had success financing their weight loss surgeries through these partners.  Since My Bariatric Solutions has chosen to contract out financing with them, some of these companies offer a lower interest rate to our patients than they would by applying directly with the company itself. More information about these financing companies can be found on our website. Patients who are interested in financing their bariatric surgery can apply for these loans 24/7.

The True Dangers of Soft Drinks for Weight Loss Surgery

Attention soda lovers! It’s time to finally pry those cans out of your hands, especially if you’ve had or are considering bariatric surgery!  We all are fully aware that there is no nutritional benefit to sodas and even diet sodas. In fact, most of us know that sodas are actually harmful to our body.  Recent studies have linked soda consumption to osteoporosis, obesity, kidney disease, tooth decay, and heart attacks.1 So, why can’t we stop consuming these sugary drinks? It is a fact that Americans drink more soda and soft drinks than anyone else in the world.  The average American buys 170 liters of soda in the course of a year.2   Yes, they may taste great and give you a short lasting energy boost, but think about these harmful ingredients the next time you get a craving…and know that those empty calories can defeat the purpose of your lap band, ga[...]

Overcoming and Preventing the Weight Loss Plateau

Have you had bariatric, Lap Band or Gastric Bypass surgery in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas areas?  Has your weight loss slowed or stopped?  Are you no longer seeing results, and don’t understand why? Well… you most likely have hit a weight-loss plateau. Weight loss, after bariatric surgery, is very significant early on; this typically occurs because the body is adapting to the lower calorie diet and is burning alternative energy sources. The body will first burn glycogen that is stored in the muscles and the liver (which causes a loss of water weight which is a significant amount of your overall weight loss), and the body then turns to fat and lean muscle mass. As your body burns muscle, your metabolism slows and this is typically what causes you to hit a plateau.  Before weight loss surgery, you still had quite a bit of muscle which is why it was so easy to lose weight shortly af[...]